Montgomery Heating & Air Conditioning is a certified contractor with seven local utility companies and the State of Oregon tax credit program. We stay current with the incentive programs that are available through all utility companies and the State and Federal government. Call us today and we will help you navigate which incentives are available for you and your home.

The Lane, Linn, and Benton County utility companies each have some type of ducted and ductless incentive program when installing qualifying heating and air conditioning equipment by a certified contractor.   These incentive programs are in the form of either cash rebates or 0% to 2% above prime loans. On most occasions, the homeowner will contact their utility company to apply for the program and then solicit bids from qualifying contractors that meet the standards of your utility company. Once you have signed and accepted a bid from a contractor, that contractor will then complete the additionally required paperwork required by your utility company on your behalf.

The utility company will require minimum energy efficiency standards in HSPF, EER and SEER as well as expect the equipment to be AHRI certified and matched. They may also have an additional requirement in PTCS and Check Me! Certifications.

No two utility companies offer the same incentive programs or have the same paperwork.   It is important to notify your contractor to which utility company serves your house in order to verify what your utility company is offering currently.


What is HSPF? HSPF is the abbreviation for Heating Seasonal Performance Factor.  HSPF is a ratio of BTU heat output over a heating season, to wattage per hour of electricity. The higher the HSPF factor the lower the monthly energy bill.

What is EER? EER is the abbreviation for Energy Efficiency Ratio. The EER is determined by dividing the input wattage of electricity by the amount of cooling BTU created under specific conditions. Although EER is important, it is not emphasized as much in our area.

What is SEER? SEER is the abbreviation for Season Energy Efficiency Ratio, and is essentially EER with an “S” representing an overall season rather than a specific condition. All heat pumps and air conditioners have a SEER rating. Most units are sold as a standalone rated piece of equipment such as a 14 seer 2 ton heat pump, but all heat pump and air conditioner true ratings are determined when matching those systems with indoor units. This is where your AHRI matched ratings will apply. SEER ratings as well as HSPF are heavily emphasized in our area.

What is PTCS? PTCS is abbreviation for Performance Tested Comfort Systems. This is an additional certification in the HVAC industry. A PTCS certified technician is trained to properly size heating and air conditioning equipment for your home, as well as install the equipment and ductwork beyond code standards for increased life and efficiency.

Check Me Diagnostics

Check Me Diagnostics is a computerized verification system that is part of the Proctor Engineering Group and has become an industry standard and a must for tax credits and utility rebates. A Check Me certified technician has received specialized training in order to work with the Check Me call center. Your technician will perform and complete a diagnostic on your existing or newly installed system to verify the correct refrigerant level and airflow through the duct system. This on site diagnostic allows the Check Me certified technician to correct issues prior to leaving your home.